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Fall Events TABC Certification Online

Well, here we are again. Another year has gone by since my last post on back to school time. Those of you who serve and sell alcohol know better than any one that there are a bunch of events happening soon which involve the selling and serving of alcohol. This is one of the busiest times of the year for bartenders, servers, and store clerks who sell alcohol. Remember to Get or Renew your TABC Certification or Check if your TABC Certificate is still valid or has expired Here.

Back to school parties, fraternity, and sorority parties, as well as many other social events at colleges and universities, will be gearing up before you know it. Fall is a busy time at sporting events which involve alcohol including college and professional football games, Major League Baseball playoffs, the World Series, and more.

Most people drink alcohol in a responsible way, but we all know that some do not and that is the problem in this line of work. Some people drink to the point of intoxication and beyond. In Texas, it is against the law to serve an obviously intoxicated person or serve one to the point of intoxication. Bars, bartenders, and other servers and sellers of alcohol can be fined or sued or both as I wrote in a previous post.

Another very serious problem with all of the back to school events is the illegal consumption of alcohol by minors. We also covered this topic in an article explaining TABC Minor Sting Operations. I will be writing more on these topics soon, so until then have fun, make lots of money, but most of all stay safe by selling and serving alcohol responsibly. You can also learn more about these topics by getting TABC Certified Online with us. Or you can come to a Live TABC Class in Austin Central Texas or Schedule a TABC Onsite Class

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