Frequently Asked TABC and Food HandLers Questions

We have answers to common questions below such as I need a TABC Permit, How do I renew my TABC Certification, are you the cheapest fastest TABC online, are your online TABC and Food Handlers courses powered by Learn2Serve, or if I am short on time how do I get TABC on the fly, how long is my TABC certificate card good, among others. Please contact us if you have a question not listed.

Your TABC Certificate is valid for 2 years.

In order to “renew” your TABC Certification, you must take the course and pass the test again.

No it will not transfer. Only a TABC Certificate is recognized in Texas

No. There is no minimum age to be TABC certified however, there are age restrictions to be employed in certain types of TABC permit establishments. See our blog post about ages to sell or serve

The course is self-paced so take it fast or slow as you need. However, the exam must be finished once it is started.

 Yes, unless you are restricted because of certain TABC violations or other court rulings. Call TABC Seller Training at (512) 206-3420 for more answers

You can be certified if you have a Social Security number, or a 9 digit IRS work permit tax number,or 9 digit Green Card number

We do not mail TABC certificates. However, you can login on any computer that has a printer at a library, Federal Express, a friends house, etc. Just use you user name and password.

We sure do. You can get TABC and Texas Food Handler Certification Cards in a combo package Here

Yes. When you take the TABC Course and pass the exam, you are certified and can print your TABC Certificate

If you received your TABC Card from / learn2Serve, Log Back In with your user name and password or call support at 1(877)881-2235

You sure can. We will send you an access code for your employees to  use and we will invoice you once a month. Please go to our Contact Page.

You have the right to cancel your registration up to 3 days from the date of purchase. Requests for cancellation must be made be contacting 360Training by phone or email. The request must be made prior to midnight on the 3rd calendar day from the date of purchase.

360Training will not grant a refund under these 3 circumstances: 1. Your certificate has already been issued. 2. Course credits have been reported to you state agency. 3. The course has been completed

TABC Certification Online

Seller / Server Training
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  • Learn2Serve Texas Certificate

TABC and ANSI Food Handler

TABC and DSHS Approved
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Texas Approved Food Handler

ANSI Accredited English
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Texas Approved Food Handler

Certificado en Español
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  • Manipulador de Alimentos

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