TABC Announces Minor Stings

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TABC and other law enforcement conduct undercover minor sting operations as compliance checks at licensed alcohol establishments. Make sure to get TABC Certified to learn alcohol seller server laws in Texas.

TABC Announces Minor Stings

Once again we are in the high school prom and graduation season. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission ( TABC ) recently announced more plainclothes undercover sting operations. Minors are used as decoys to see if businesses will sell alcohol to minors. Prom season and graduations are times of celebration and fun, but too many times these celebrations involve the illegal sale and consumption of alcohol. Too many lives, dreams, and families have been shattered by underage consumption.

When Can a Minor Legally be in Possession of Alcohol?

Remember that it is only legal for a minor to drink alcohol if they are in the visible presence of their of legal age parent, spouse, or legal guardian. A minor can be in possession of alcohol in 4 ways. With the aforementioned parent, spouse, or guardian – as part of their employment – a sting operation with law enforcement officers – and tasting ( but not swallowing ) alcohol in a cooking school.

Make sure your TABC Certification is up to date either by attending a Live Austin TABC Group Class or an Online TABC Certification Class.

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Thomas L. Conrad

Thomas L. Conrad

I have an extensive background in the food and alcohol beverage industry. My experience ranges all the way from a bouncer to bar back to bartender to management. My mother owned and operated a restaurant where I learned all aspects of food and beverage business management.

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