TABC Back to School Compliance Checks

Urgent Update: The TABC has just announced that it will be doubling its compliance checks (undercover minor sting operations) this September. This means for at least the whole month of September, TABC will be sending into alcohol establishments, underage kids to attempt to buy alcohol. They also will be checking for fake IDs. Make sure you and you employer have everyone TABC Certified. If you need a group TABC class at your site please contact us here.

Universities and high schools are back or soon to be back in session once again. The Texas TABC is obviously aware of it too and their enforcement actions are meant to protect minors and others. I write about the return to school every August in order to do my part in reminding both the servers and sellers of alcohol of the potential danger that the arrival of fall semester brings along with it. Make sure you and your business have TABC Certification.

Students will be unloading their cars and some will be loading their stomachs with lots of booze booze as well. Some high school age kids and some who are younger also consume massive amounts of alcohol when school starts. Fraternities and sororities will be holding back to school rushes and back to school parties which both sometimes include kegs, keg stands and drinking contests. That’s all well and good if done responsibly (wait a minute: aren’t keg stands and drinking games by their very nature non responsible drinking?) And who can forget that college and pro football are gearing up too. Any way you put it, there will be lots and lots of drinking at these events. TABC and other law enforcement officers are gearing up for back to school too. Their mission is to enforce all laws, but they will be focusing on the legal or illegal consumption and possession of alcohol.

They will be looking for minors, who throughout history, attempt and for many successfully purchase beer, wine, hard liquor, etc. The TABC will be monitoring businesses who might sell alcohol to minors also. This topic is what we will focus on first.The TABC and other law enforcement officers in Texas will conduct Undercover Minor Sting Operations. (Learn more about this topic by taking a TABC Certification training course)

In an under cover sting, a minor or minors will go into a business to attempt to buy alcohol. C-Stores, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, bars, restaurants, and other alcohol sellers and servers are all targets of these stings. Remember that they conduct these stings in high class paces as well as the local dive bar.The minor that TABC uses for the sting is always accompanied by at least 2 law officers. The minor must be polite and answer all questions truthfully. They can not try to persuade or coerce the seller or server. They must show their actual ID if asked that states their correct age.If the minor succeeds in buying the alcohol, the officers will arrest and charge the seller or server with the sale of alcohol to a minor. This is a Class A misdemeanor which means a potential fine of up to $4000.00 and up to a year in jail.

TABC is also making sure you are selling alcohol during legal hours. Learn more about the hours you can sell or server alcohol in Texas here. It also is important to remember that it is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person. It’s even illegal to sell or serve to a person to the point of intoxication or who you should have known was intoxicated. This is especially true if you are working at an on-premise venue such as a bar. Some people have a high tolerance for alcohol which basically means it takes way more alcohol for them to show signs of intoxication. Be especially mindful of those kinds of customers. If you sell or serve to an obviously intoxicated person and get caught by the TABC or other police officer, you could pay a fine up to $500 and maybe get some jail time. You also can be sued for property or bodily damages caused by your intoxicated customer under the Texas Dram Shop Act You can learn more about these topics by getting your TABC Certificate or TABC and Food Handlers Certification. Stay safe, be aware, make good money, and most of all have fun yourself. If you need it, we also provide Texas Food Manager Certification

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