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TABC Certification Back to School

TABC Certification back to school already.Summers always went by too fast when I was in school. But as an adult, summers go by super fast. To get to the point, back to school means extra compliance checks by the TABC. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission really gears up when high school and college begins. They will be doing lots of Undercover Minor Sting Operations, Fake ID checks, and watching for over served intoxicated people.

For a quick reminder on TABC Undercover Sting Operations, the TABC as well as other law enforcement officers will work with minors who will attempt to buy alcohol from you. The minors are wired with hidden cameras to record everything in their interaction with you. The minors cannot lie about their age or show you a fake ID. But they will show their actual age ID. There are some alcohol sellers and servers who get arrested even after asking for an ID. They get arrested because they didn’t take a few more seconds to look at the ID carefully. Remember, just because someone shows you an ID, that doesn’t mean they are 21. It just means they have an ID

TABC will always look for Official TABC Permits for business owners. While they are at your business they will be looking for intoxicated patrons and watching if you are serving intoxicated people. It is illegal to be Publicly Intoxicated and it is illegal for you to serve someone who is Publicly Intoxicated or serve to the point of intoxication. (Even if they have a safe ride or are staying in your hotel or they even walked to your business)

Be sure you are TABC Certified. Your TABC Certification expires after 2 years and you then have to Renew your TABC by taking the course and exam again. Oh, almost forgot. Almost every year the TABC and your local police will be looking for fake IDs. In Austin, officers pose as Doormen looking for false IDs. When they find one, they notify a uniformed officer who makes the arrest. let all your underage friends know that this could happen to them. Have fun, work hard, but please stay safe.

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