TABC Certification for Holidays

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Holidays are times when people celebrate with family and friends. Many times this involves drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. As sellers and servers be prepared with TABC Certification/
tabc certification for servers and bartenders

TABC Certification for the Holidays

Get your TABC Certification Renewal for the upcoming holidays. We all know with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holidays coming up, there are lots of celebrations with friends and family. Restaurants, bars, liquor stores and grocery stores will be booming with alcohol sales. Although TABC Certification permits are not mandatory in Texas they might as well be because almost every business requires it. Your TABC Certificate expires 2 years after the date of issue. You can check your TABC Certificate Expiration Status Here.

With all of the happy holiday celebrations and consumption of alcoholic beverages, there will most surely be lots of alcohol involved tragedy as well. People tend to drink heavily during this time of year. Many people drink only this time of year so they have a low tolerance for alcohol and become intoxicated more quickly. Elderly people who don’t drink often get intoxicated quickly too. Some people are very depressed during the holidays and many tend to overindulge

Get TABC Certification     Get TABC & Food Handlers Certification

Watch out for signs of intoxication including slurred speech, stumbling, eye focus problems, loudness and quietness, excessive laughing or crying, overly friendly or overly hostile. If you are not sure about intoxicated patrons, error on the side of not serving. If you wouldn’t let your patron drive you to your home, then it makes sense they shouldn’t be driving right?

Stay safe this holiday season. If your TABC Certification is expired or is close to expiring, we have low cost certification with the latest online course technology. Or we have live TABC or onsite group TABC Certification through the Dram Shop School  We also have Texas Food Handler Certification or Texas food Manager Certification at our other website

Thomas L. Conrad

Thomas L. Conrad

I have an extensive background in the food and alcohol beverage industry. My experience ranges all the way from a bouncer to bar back to bartender to management. My mother owned and operated a restaurant where I learned all aspects of food and beverage business management.

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