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TABC and Food Handlers – Why do I need it?

TABC and Food Handlers. Before 1987 no one ever heard of TABC Certification in Texas. Back in my college days when I worked as a bartender, the only legal problems we had to deal with were minors trying to scam a drink or use a fake ID and of course the drunks. Or to be more politically correct, intoxicated persons.

Before 1987 if someone got drunk at a club or anywhere for that matter and they hurt themselves or some on else they were the ones who were 100% at fault. Then there was a famous court case that changed everything. People previously who were damaged in some way tried to sue the alcohol sellers and servers who served the drunk, but the lawsuits went nowhere. Then the court case that changed alcohol service forever happened. It is called El Chico vs Poole and the case went all the way to Texas Supreme Court.

The court basically held that the sellers and servers of alcohol have a duty not to sell or serve alcohol to a person that they knew or should have known was intoxicated. That’s a shortened description, but what it did in effect was change the way alcohol is sold and served and explained the liability of the people doing it.You can get TABC and Food Handlers at live Classes or group classes at your location Here.

That is the genesis of how TABC Seller Training got it’s start. All of the alcohol business owners said it’s not justice for them to lose their bar, restaurant, liquor store, etc. in lawsuits because their employees did something wrong or illegal.They also said it was not fair for them to be fined by the TABC for the actions of their employees.The State of Texas the came up with the idea of TABC Seller Server Certification training. In essence TABC Certification Training gives the owner of the alcohol business a type of Safe harbor and Protective Shield against fines and lawsuits. if you are looking for alcohol seller serve training for another state, you can find it at our companion site

Texas Food Handler Certification is intended to prevent food-borne illness. The State of Texas requires all food workers who handle un-packaged food to be certified. There are some exceptions for some certain groups of people. This information can be found on the Texas Department of State Health Services Website.

We offer a bundled TABC and Food handlers Certification training package that some students say is the cheapest or cheaper than others online. Our Food Handler Certification is ANSI accredited which means you will pay on one low fee when you buy the course. No city or county in Texas can charge you more fees. Your Texas Food Handler Certificate is transferable to every other state
If you need Texas Food Manager Certification you can find us at our companion site. If you need Food Manager Certification for a different state we have that too.
Selling and Serving alcohol can be a fun and great way to make money and meet new people. It also is a line of work with huge responsibility and liability. Getting your TABC Certification is the best way to stay safe.


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