How to get your Texas Food Handlers Certification Card

  1. First make your Texas Food Handler – or TABC  & Food Handler Bundle or TABC course choice. Notice: We offer both Texas (no exam) Food Handler Certification and National (ANAB with exam) Food Handler Card.
  2. You will be transferred to the course enrollment page
  3. After you enroll, you will receive an email confirmation with your course and exam instructions
  4. After you take the course, print your 2 year certificate (we do not mail certificates)
  5. Did you lose your Food Handler Card or TABC Certificate? You can log back in and reprint them at any time with your username and password.
  6. Notice: TABC Certification has a mandatory exam,
tabc and food handler certified employees

TABC Certification Online Course Topics

Texas alcohol laws dealing with minors • Intoxicated persons law • Why alcohol servers & sellers need TABC • How to prevent intoxication • How to examine ID & spotting fake ID • What to do when intervention attempts fail • Alcohol effects on the body • TABC law enforcement & minor stings • Alcohol poisoning • Private clubs • and more

Texas Food Handler Online Course Topics

General overview of food safety • Who enforces food safety • Identifying food-borne illness and what causes it • why you need food handler training • Identifying biological, physical, and chemical contamination • Importance of temperature control • Proper physical hygiene • Appropriate procedures for receiving and storing food • Proper cleaning and sanitation

TABC State Contact

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 13127
Austin, TX 78711
Phone (512) 206-3420
TABC Website

DSHS Food Handler State

Postal Address:
Texas DSHS
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714
Phone 1 (888) 963-7111
DSHS Website


We began  by conducting live TABC Certification through the We still provide live group TABC training mainly in the greater Austin area, but will travel anywhere in Texas. We became partners with 360Training/Learn2Serve in 2003 first to offer online TABC and later to provide a website for Food Safety Training with

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